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Be Socially Empowered

Want to unleash the power of social media to promote your business and speak to customers online? You're in the right place. Introducing Winchester’s own award winning social media marketing consultant, SociableSuzy.

Let’s be sociable together…


Suzy offers individualised social media marketing support to businesses in and around Winchester, Hampshire. With a 13 year corporate marketing, sales and training heritage, Suzy combines her marketing expertise and brings it to life online, via social media. Work/life blend is Suzy's biggest driver and helping her clients empower themselves, their company and social brand is fundamental to her work before doing the school run.

Suzy is an accredited Digital Mums Trainer and runs a host of group workshops or equally, she can design bespoke training to meet your exact your business needs #justask

Service always comes with a smile....

Suzy has established links with many local independent businesses bringing additional services to the forefront. Check out Olive Communications if you’re looking for the “bigger picture” in communications offering.



Suzy won an award at the 2018 Hampshire Women’s business awards. Her services are bespoke so why not call her for a chat: every brand, business and channel is unique. Let's assess what’s needed to ensure we can free up your time to focus on the right tasks, starting right here.

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