My 5 Blogging Promises

It's really important to blog and ultimately it's something we all need to focus time and energy on or outsource to the experts. This was a fundamental part of the social media training I undertook with digital mums and I happily blogged about Winchester, what I loved about the city and shared some great interviews with local businesses. It's a commitment though and whilst I write this, I plan to commit to the following. Here are my 5 blogging promises:

  1. Write at least one blog a month - It's great to get content on your pages that your followers want to read
  2. Make sure it's a true reflection of me- I am passionate about what I do and why I'm doing it. My blogs shall therefore share that feeling with you, my audience.
  3. I will share guest blogs- I would love guest bloggers to join my quest to write relevant and suitable posts on my page. This keeps life more balanced and I am one of life's sharers... If you like blogging, drop me an email...
  4. I will not blog for the sake of blogging - This is quite important to me. Unless it adds value, I'll keep my late night keyboard tapping to myself (promise)
  5. I will take topical suggestions for themes- Following feedback, I will ensure I'm writing about what is requested (within reason)

So my blogging journey has commenced, my blogging promises have been laid down. I've said YES to blogging and long may it continue.... Watch this space