Why SociableSuzy social media workshops are great for your business growth.

There’s no time like the present, after a fulfilling 12 months as a social media manager, the time seems right. You see, I’ve been teaching most of my life and I love it. I’ve taught student nurses how to comfort, administer, communicate, measure, manage and more. I’ve taught sales people how to sell medical products, how to train customers how to use them and how to relay the benefits. I’ve taught my children how to ride a bike, feed themselves, be brave, read and learn from their mistakes. I’ve taught medical professionals how to use medical devices, how to evaluate them and how to train others. It’s part of my genetic make-up. I’ve taught businesses how to start the journey on the road to social media success but wanted to do this more. It’s a gift that I enjoy giving.

So, when I saw the opportunity to join the certified digital mums trainer programme. I jumped at the opportunity. To learn from the experts, to share the knowledge and toolkit of great resources, it was an absolute ‘no-brainer’ that would equip my experience as a trainer immensely.

So if you’re asking yourself the following questions, let me provide some insight:

Why attend a workshop with Suzy?

  • Managing your social media business activity maybe something that you enjoy, you necessitate without clear vision, one you dabble at or one you find lost with BUT without a plan, it’s very hard to build a sociable brand.

  • Social media marketing is strategic and the workshops give you a plan to help start redefine/define what your brand should look like.

  • With fine tuning, greater understanding and optimised posting your business will flourish

  • A workshop gives you clarity with your social media marketing and helps guide your efforts

Why training:

  • Attending training is an investment, not only in time and in thought but ultimately in your business. Giving yourself the training to do your very best, gives your business a framework to test, measure and refine your social media strategy as you go.

This is one I could answer but let my previous clients answer “Why choose Suzy:”

  • “Suzy breathes life into her sessions. She’s inspiring, full of anecdotes and wisdom from her digital mums training and her own journey as a social media manager”

  • “Suzy invests in her attendees, with resources, follow up support and guidance from other fellow professionals”

  • “Suzy is wonderful, I couldn’t cope without her”

My next course is on March 29th between 10-1pm at The Nutshell in Winchester:. Please book here